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What do you need to know about employing Ukrainian workers in Ireland? 

Over 30,000 Ukrainians (mostly women and children) have entered Ireland under the temporary protection directive. With the temporary protection directive in place, Ukrainians are granted immediate access to the labour market in Ireland without any need to apply for further permission. In this post, we look at what needs to be considered when employing Ukrainian workers in Ireland.

The Rise of the Gig Economy

More and more people are turning to the gig economy as a way to make a living or earn extra cash. But where has this growth come from? We look at the main factors that are responsible for the drive behind the rise of the gig economy.

Right to Disconnect Legislation in Europe 

In just a few years, the world of work has transformed with remote work allowing many people to continue to work in their sector during unprecedented times. However, one concern that has come to light is the right to disconnect.

What do you need to know about employing Ukrainian workers in Germany?

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, over 300.000 Ukrainian refugees have been registered in Germany. As a return to Ukraine will not be possible any time soon, many of them decided to settle down for now and try to find a job. There is an enormous amount of willingness among the public to support the Ukrainian refugees , not only in terms of food, clothing, and housing, but also in finding work. The German government has already removed as many visa restrictions as possible however, there are still a few things to consider.

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