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Sweden – Expert Tax Relief extended to 5 Years

As of 2021, new rules regarding “expert tax relief” came into force. Previously, the tax relief itself was only valid for the first 3 years, even if the employment lasted for 5 years. From January 1st, 2021, the tax benefits of a granted Expert Tax Relief can be applied to the whole 5 years.

Setting up a labour leasing company in Austria – What do you need to know?

Austria is a country that has a long tradition with immigration. Although most of the approximately eight million inhabitants are German speaking, most people are proficient in English. Moreover, Austria has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the European Union and due its prospering economy, there are plenty of business and employment opportunities.  

The Evolution of Work

We may still be living with the Covid-19 pandemic for a while, however thanks to vaccines life has begun to get back to normal. People are back in restaurants, going to festivals and traveling again, and many businesses are also letting their workers return to the office.

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