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Working internationally from Switzerland – What you need to know about compliant cross-border taxation?

Switzerland is known for its beautiful landscapes, strong economy and high quality products. The prospect of higher wages and interesting career opportunities attracts highly skilled professionals from other countries, in particular the border countries. While many of them have made Switzerland their second home, they took the opportunity during the pandemic and continued working from their home country.

Interview with Enoch Essemiah – Payroll Specialist

I joined People2.0 one month ago, in the middle on June, and work as a payroll specialist based in The Netherlands. Before my role at People2.0 I worked as a payroll analyst for a finance company, so I already had experience in payroll and billing to suit the role at People2.0

What is an EOR and who needs one?

The Staffing Industry Analyst defines EOR as –“an employer for tax purposes while an employee performs work for the client, such as a staffing firm or other business. An employer of record handles all personnel functions, including payroll processing and funding; tax deposits and filing; and employment contracts and paperwork.

Great Resignation in Germany – Why employees are becoming estranged from their jobs

The Great Resignation wave in the United States, with employees quitting their jobs without a new offer, has now hit Europe. During the pandemic, many employees moved away from the cities into rural areas or smaller towns where they would have more space for living and working remotely with lower housing costs. In the process, they have gotten used to working from home while employers were dealing with crisis management and often did not have time to invest too much into their staff’s well-being.

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