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Reduced Time for 30% Tax Ruling in the Netherlands

The 30% ruling will be shortened from eight to five years with effect from the 1st of January 2019. This is proposed by the current Dutch government and written in the national tax plan for 2019. With this, the expat arrangement is drawn in line with that of neighbouring countries and it applies to new knowledge immigrants but also to existing cases.

When should I use a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) for my company?

A professional employer organisation (PEOs) provide outsourcing for all tasks and functions typically performed by an in-house human resources department such as payroll and administration, employee health and retirement benefits and many more HR issues. PEOs act as a “co-employer” with your company as they share contractual obligations with your employees. However, as the company you still guide the daily job duties and responsibilities of your employees. The PEO manages their payroll and administration related tasks.

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