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Talent Supply Options to Enable Your Direct Sourcing Strategy

TalentWave has been helping clients execute this strategy for over 20 years with a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to safely and cost-effectively engage independent workers that our clients have found on their own, outside of any agency relationships. A vital component of developing a direct sourcing strategy is to consider the many different talent supply options.

What are Knowledge Migrants in The Netherlands?

Real top talents are not only found within the borders of the Netherlands. Specialist knowledge or skills are increasingly acquired from abroad. Knowledge migrants, for example. How does that work exactly? How do you arrange that, and what should you pay attention to?

Top 4 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Payroll

Payrolling has various benefits. It provides significant savings in both time and money. Are you unsure whether payrolling is something for you? We have listed the biggest benefits from having an Outsourced Payroll.

Stay Ahead of the Competition! Attract Knowledge Migrants

In a few years, there will be a worldwide shortage in qualified personnel. Due to demographic developments, the largest part of this shortage will be in Europe. Germany, the United Kingdom and Belgium are already experiencing a shortage in healthcare, science and technical professions. It will be a challenge to find enough skilled workers, particularly in the technical and innovative areas. This is why attracting knowledge migrants is important.

Working in Belgium – What do you Need to Know?

Belgium, Europe’s political centre. An appealing location for many entrepreneurs and companies. The country has a rich history and a remarkable culture. However, lots needs to be arranged for those who want to work in Belgium. What are the most important things you need to know? We have listed them.

TalentWave is now People2.0! New company, same great thought leadership.

How to Define and Implement a Direct Sourcing Strategy

Many leading organizations, across all geographies and industries, have recognized the benefits of direct sourcing as an effective method to attract and retain the vital talent they need to grow and innovate. As the world of work continues to evolve and talent scarcity becomes more acute, the successful deployment of this strategy will continue to grow in importance.

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