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5 Reasons to contract in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Contract roles can offer greater flexibility, work/life balance and the opportunity to increase hourly earnings. If you are considering becoming a contractor in the Pharma Sector there are many other aspects of a contracting career that may appeal to you. Higher pay Pay can be a major selling point when it comes to contracting. Due…

What can an Employer of Record (EOR) do for you?

Companies in general, as well as recruitment agencies, can make use of an EOR (Employer of Record) but what would the advantages be, instead of say using a PEO (Professional Employer Organisation)? Both can assist and deliver HR services that can help you expand locally or globally.

How will Brexit affect UK contractors in Europe

Currently EU Social Security Coordination rules ensure that, if you are a UK employer, with employees working in the EU, EEA or Switzerland, employees and employers are only subject to the social security regime of a single member state, in order to prevent any double charges on the same income. Regardless of where the employer is based, the contributions should be paid where the work is done.

Brexit – How can Businesses Prepare?

With only weeks to go until the UK officially leaves the EU, UK employers should prepare for a no-deal scenario and understand what affect a no-deal Brexit will have on their internationally mobile employees, in particular how it will affect their local social security contributions

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