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Stay Ahead of the Competition! Attract Knowledge Migrants


In a few years, there will be a worldwide shortage in qualified personnel. Due to demographic developments, the largest part of this shortage will be in Europe. Germany, the United Kingdom and Belgium are already experiencing a shortage in healthcare, science and technical professions. It will be a challenge to find enough skilled workers, particularly in the technical and innovative areas. This is why attracting knowledge migrants is important.

This cannot be remedied just by investing in education, reducing premature school leaving or stimulating fulltime work by women. Europe will have to attract knowledge migrants from abroad to address the competition from the US, China and other economic superpowers. However, Europe no longer ranks among the top for knowledge migrants. Australia, Canada and the US are more popular. This worldwide competition for the best brains in the world threatens to become a significant problem for us Europeans.

How does your company handle these developments on the European labour market, how are you preparing for the future shortage in qualified personnel? A possible solution: finding and hiring knowledge migrants. If you want to hire knowledge migrants, however, there are many things to consider. Besides finding qualified personnel, you must also find your way through all laws and regulations regarding the hiring of foreign employees. This can be very complex, since those rules differ for each country.

How TCP Solutions can help?

TCP Solutions can play an important role in this. TCP Solutions is a leading payroll and compliance specialist with 20 years of experience, offering payroll solutions in 12 European countries. We have all the expertise concerning liability and requirements with respect to the hiring of knowledge migrants. We ensure that everything is done with full observance of the laws of each country. Corporate law, personal taxes, work permits, liability and even billing. With a 100% compliance guarantee.

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