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5 Job Skills to Succeed During and After a Pandemic



With many aspects of the working environment changing, social distancing and home working possibly continuing for some time, more people at all levels of an organisation will be in a position to lead others. Employers want you to be able to lead a group if needed, as well as bring out the best and inspire teams. A successful leader is someone that can manage people well but motivate them to work towards a vision you have. Communication is key in times or uncertainty and great leaders can communicate well, as well as listen to others. During the current period of uncertainty, these skills are what employers will look out for when employing new staff.

Digital and coding skills

With so many people working from home many organisations have had to transform digitally, therefore professionals with digital skills, including coding, web development, and digital marketing will become more important than ever before. People who can keep the digital business running and thriving during pandemics that make in-person business impossible or less efficient are going to be in demand. Now all companies are digitally based in some way, so it is a skill that will be incredibly useful.

Data Literacy

Data is important for every company as with the right data companies are able to better predict the impact of future business disruptions, which is particularly useful now during a pandemic as they are able to respond in the right way. However, not only is the data important, but the most important thing is that you have employees with the skills to understand the data and make better decisions because of it. Due to this, professionals with data literacy will be even more appealing to prospective employers than ever before.


Many businesses now have to think about how they can adapt the way their business works in order to survive through the coronavirus pandemic, hence why creativity is essential. Businesses selling products have had to quickly shift the way they sell their products, with emphasis of online purchasing. Many businesses have had to come up with delivering services virtually, such as gyms offering online classes or professional courses that would normally be classroom based have now turned to online classes. Many businesses have had to shift to making completely new products, such as Mercedes F1 who have gone from making racing cars to innovative breathing aids. In a post-coronavirus world, we will need creative employees to think up of new products and ways of working.


Good communication skills are probably one of the most important skills employers look out for. Being able to communicate well with others will demonstrate that you are an excellent listener and reliable candidate. It also demonstrates that you are able to communicate ideas, discussions and debates well, while taking in to consideration other opinions around you. Communication at times of uncertainty is also crucial in keeping your staff up to date with any changes to the business, and this is particularly important throughout the coronavirus pandemic.



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