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On-Demand Webinar: Building a Talent Community

NOTE: This Talent Community webinar was recorded on December 1, 2016

Building a Talent Community: Using Technology to Source Safely and Quickly

We are entering a new era of talent scarcity, particularly within professional and STEM categories. We are also seeing dramatic shifts in the labor market toward independent workers. Buyers of talent want flexibility, access to the best talent, reduced costs, and no risk. How can strategic organizations attract, engage, and retain the proven independent workers they need to get vital work done without having the additional cost and longer time to fill of staffing firms or third-party recruiters?

In today’s contingent workforce management space, it is easy to get seduced by sexy new solutions which claim to solve all sourcing problems. While technology is a vital enabler in solving the challenge of talent scarcity, it also requires a robust professional services layer that includes independent contractor compliance and engagement options.

In this best practices session, you’ll hear how professional services and technology enable leading companies from a number of industries to self-source proven independent workers, build their own talent communities, and engage talent quickly while mitigating risk. You will learn how progressive companies have become clients-of-choice for the independent workforce, and gain proven best practices and strategic insights on how to source independent talent, build a curated talent community, and re-engage workers quickly and safely.

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