Why highly skilled workers choose labour leasing in Switzerland

While labour leasing, also called temporary work, is traditionally being presented as a solution for unemployed, often marginally qualified workers who are looking to find their way into the job market, now highly qualified experts in Switzerland are starting to discover this option for themselves as well. They are increasingly looking for a way to work in different projects and expand their work experience without being bound too long to a particular company. Without temporary work, the only option to be flexible is becoming a Freelancer. While being a Freelancer might seem attractive at first , there is always the risk of being classified as false self-employed by the authorities. If it turns out during an audit that the Freelancer should have been treated as employee, the client as well as the Freelancer might become subject to heavy fines.

However, temporary work can be the perfect solution to have it all: a wide range of opportunities and getting to know various projects while enjoying the benefit of full social security coverage.

High job satisfaction among highly skilled professionals

As highly skilled workers often cover crucial project based vacancies in shortage occupations, they are usually in a good position to negotiate an attractive salary, along with other employee benefits that the client company offers. According to a recently published white paper from the Swiss labour leasing association swissstaffing, there is very high job satisfaction among highly qualified professionals that are engaged as temporary workers in challenging projects: on a scale from 0 to 10, 68% would recommend this work form with a 9 to 10 to a friend. Temporary work is also an interesting option for older experts who can enrich a project team with their extensive knowledge and work experience.

Labour leasing with experts as flexible solution for companies with project-based work

Companies which are affected by a shortage of skilled workers and work project-based, often appreciate the expertise of highly qualified flexible external team members, for either entire projects or just a particular project stage. This way they can remain flexible and can react quickly to any changes such as budget shortages without having to deal with any employer obligations.

Which solutions offer staffing companies in Switzerland?

Active Sourcing

Even highly skilled workers, especially when becoming older, sometimes struggle to find a suitable job,  particularly in highly specialised areas with few openly published jobs. Staffing companies can support here and bring experts and companies together. In quite a few cases, the temporary assignment ends with a permanent contract with the client. The client on the other hand saves a lot of money and resources to find the perfect candidate on an empty job market and appreciate the network of specialised staffing companies.

On the other hand, more and more highly skilled temporary workers are not looking for a permanent job, but love the variety of project offers. They remain on the staffing company’s payroll for a long time, sometimes several years and are happy to be assigned to various clients and perform their work at their site.

Payrolling and Contracting

In Switzerland, there are often highly qualified experts who already “bring” their client, so there is no recruiting process involved. They are former internal employees of the client and for budget or other reasons, the client decides to outsource the employer function to a staffing company. If not former employees, they are often Freelancers and work as temporary employees for the client to ensure compliance regarding social security contributions. In both cases, the staffing company takes care of all employer duties including work safety and applying the correct collective tariff agreement.

Social Security in Temporary Work

As temporary workers have an employment contract with their staffing company. They benefit from a social security and learning and development standard comparable to internal employees of Swiss companies, especially since staffing companies are required to apply industry specific collective labour agreements.

How TCP/People2.0 can help?

TCP Solutions is part of the People2.0 group of companies, who is the leading provider of contingent workforce engagement solutions within the EMEA, U.S. and globally.

Would you like further information about how we could assist you and your company regarding working with temporary workers and contractors compliantly following local tax rulings, then please contact us via info@emea.people20.com or send us a message via our contact page. We would be delighted to speak to you regarding the possibilities.

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