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Useful Tips for Managing Remote Workers

Due to the rapid expansion of the COVID-19 virus, millions of people are working remotely for the first time. While there are many benefits to remote working, managers do have concerns over motivating and engaging their remote workers.

In an office setting, managers can walk around the office and easily communicate with their employees. Maintaining this level of communication can be harder for managers when they rarely see them. Although managing a remote team has its challenges, there are many ways businesses can engage and manage their remote workforce. In this post, we provide some useful tips for managers who are managing their staff remotely for the first time.

Right technology

In order to remain productive, remote workers need to have the right technology in place. New technology has made it easier for workers to communicate and collaborate with their colleagues. Technology tools such as video conferencing and instant messengers help remote teams communicate in real-time. With so many technology options available, it’s important for managers to ensure their staff are all using the same tools and that they receive basic training to stay motivated and complete their tasks.

Maintain effective communication

Communication is important in the workplace and even more so when your teams are remote. Whether it’s by email or video, it’s important at this time to communicate regularly. By using these tools, managers can update the entire staff body to keep everyone in the loop. Scheduling video conferences can also help a manager see their remote teams. These regular video meetings help everyone stay on track, keep motivated and allow remote workers to collaborate and communicate with their colleagues.

Schedule regular check-ins with individual staff members  

As well as communicating with the whole team, it’s also important for managers to check in regularly with each team member. Working remotely for the first time can be difficult for people so a quick five minute catch-up can help you gauge how your employee is coping and if they need any extra resources. On top of that, one-to-one meetings help build trust between the team leader and worker which is vital when remote working.

Maintain team culture

During these uncertain times, it’s vital for management to implement procedures to boost staff morale. While some workers may be thriving working remotely others may be feeling blue from being isolated from everyone. Therefore, it’s a good idea to engage with your staff in real-time. Virtual meetings are popular and can come in many forms whether it’s an end of week virtual party, quiz or members doing a workout. These meaningful ideas can help boost people’s spirits and allow staff members to interact with each other and have some much needed informal chats.

Final Thoughts

Normally, employers hire remote workers for their self-discipline and ability to work autonomously on projects. However, right now it’s important for managers to check in regularly with their new remote teams. The COVID-19 crisis has turned many things upside down so as a manager it’s vital to communicate and engage with your remote team so they can be as productive as possible during these uncertain times.


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