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Bridging the Gap: How People2.0 Merges Personalised Service with Global Expertise


Small companies looking to scale often have the choice of partnering with larger global organisations. This can be a daunting scenario. On the one hand, large companies have the resources and reach needed to unlock your next growth stage. On the other is the stereotype that big companies make difficult partners due to their impersonal, corporate approach. These companies, the thinking goes, don’t care about your needs and will prioritise profits over your people and growth. 

Fortunately, business doesn’t have to be a dog-eat-dog world. At People2.0, we understand that our continued success is due to our strong and mutually beneficial partnership with smaller firms. This is why we place personalised service at the heart of our operations. By attending to our partners’ needs, we offer smaller firms access to our global expertise and capabilities while ensuring each receives a tailored experience that respects their unique challenges. 

Services that Are Tech-Enabled but People-Powered 

Central to our client-centric approach is the understanding that each partner’s needs are unique. As such, we aim to gain a deep understanding of your business before delivering our services in a way that best fits your requirements. ​​​​​​When partnering with us, firms are assigned a dedicated account manager who will champion your business on your behalf. You also gain access to subject matter experts who specialize in labor laws in each jurisdiction we serve.

Our commitment to delivering personalised attention is backed by a robust track record. To date, we’ve supported our talent supply partners through 12 audits and over 60,000 independent contractor evaluations — with zero fines paid and no classifications overturned. While our services are enhanced by technology, ensuring efficiency and scalability, our dedicated professionals always ensure personalised service delivery.

In fact, our team’s expertise, commitment, and experience enables us to tailor our solutions to meet the specific operational, compliance, risk management, and growth-related needs of our clients and partners. 

Global Capabilities with a Local Touch 

At People2.0, we balance our global presence with expertise in local employment practices and regulations. This unique position enables us to support staffing and recruitment firms to place talent globally. By handling the burden of navigating complex international compliance requirements, we free our partners up to focus on doing what they do best — finding and placing the right talent with the right companies.  

Imagine a small staffing firm, “Tech Staffing Solutions,” who specialise in placing tech talent. They have a robust client base in North America and Europe but want to tap into talent pools in Asia and Latin America without establishing physical offices there. The challenge? Understanding and complying with the local employment laws and tax regulations across these diverse jurisdictions. 

By partnering with People2.0, Tech Staffing Solutions finds a way forward. They can now place talent in any work arrangement, anywhere in the world, both quickly and compliantly — relying on our expertise to manage local regulations and payroll. This partnership enables them to fill positions without the administrative overhead typically associated with international placements. Through our partnership, Tech Staffing Solutions reduces their compliance risk, unlocks significant sources of earning, and moves from being a talent provider to being a talent solutions provider.  

Our Services Evolve with the Market 

From our extensive industry experience, we know that the needs of a staffing and recruitment firm today might not be the same tomorrow. As such, our services are adaptable and agile, ensuring we can meet our clients’ needs swiftly and efficiently.  

This focus on agility also enables us to respond to market changes. Whether it’s a sudden demand for talent in a new market or the need to navigate unexpected regulatory changes, People2.0 is equipped to handle these issues head-on. Once again, our global network, combined with our local expertise, allows us to make informed, nimble adjustments that keep our partners competitive and compliant — no matter the circumstances. 

Efficient and Flexible Personalized Workforce Solutions 

People2.0’s suite of services, including employer of record (EOR), agent of record (AOR), and comprehensive back-office support, empower staffing and recruitment firms to operate more effectively and efficiently. 

EOR Services 

As your EOR, People2.0 acts as the official employer for tax purposes for workers on assignment with your clients. This arrangement eases your administrative load and offers a cost-effective strategy to broaden your operational footprint and access talent in new markets. 

AOR Services 

Our AOR services are geared toward firms seeking to minimise the complexity of back-office operations while managing independent contractors (ICs) across the globe. By taking care of the administrative, legal, and compliance responsibilities associated with engaging ICs, we free you up to concentrate on growing your core business. 

Back-Office Support 

We offer extensive back-office support services, including payroll processing, tax withholdings, reporting, and benefits administration. We also offer ​​​​payroll funding in select regions. This ensures that all aspects of worker engagement, from payment processing to compliance with local employment laws, are handled smoothly and efficiently. 

Discover the People2.0 Advantage

We’ve built People2.0 around the idea that it’s possible to combine the scalability and reach of a global company with the bespoke, attentive service of a smaller firm. This means that while you gain the advantage of our extensive network, compliance expertise, and resources for global expansion, you also enjoy a partnership that feels personal and tailored to your specific needs. 

Contact us today to learn how we can tailor our comprehensive solutions to meet your unique needs and help your business thrive. 

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